Meet the Retrofit Disruptors

November 1, 2023
Four Solution Providers who are shaking up the retrofit sector

There is an opportunity to change the way we retrofit to meet the scale, speed and cost required for the climate emergency and millions of people experiencing fuel poverty.

Meet the #RetrofitDisruptors of the Mayor of London’s Retrofit Accelerator - Homes Innovation Partnership. They’re leading on new ways of upgrading housing using the Energiesprong model, which results in warm, affordable, ultra-low carbon homes.

At the same time, they are working to unlock a functioning, self-financing market across the whole of the UK that delivers whole house retrofit at the scale and speed we need.

From collaborating and sharing costs and pioneering industrialisation and MMC to guaranteeing performance long-term, these four contractors – or solution providers – are shaking up the sector.

Meet the #RetrofitDisruptors here >>

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