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Energiesprong - a revolutionary approach to whole house retrofit

Energiesprong UK is scaling the Energiesprong model - a revolutionary standard and funding approach for whole-house refurbishment and new build.

Homes are fully insulated using offsite manufactured wall and roof panels in conjunction with pre-assembled ‘energy pods’ - creating warmer, more desirable places to live that are financed by energy and maintenance savings.

Developed in the Netherlands, 5000 homes have already been retrofitted with 20,000 homes in the pipeline.  

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Whole house retrofit financed by energy and maintenance savings

The Energiesprong standard focuses on creating desirable homes that people love to live in. Because an Energiesprong retrofit (or new build) has the very best energy standard available, it uses the money that would normally be paid on energy bills and maintenance to pay for the works.

The Energiesprong approach can do this while assuring the cost of living does not go up, because the standard guarantees real life performance for both indoor comfort and energy use for up to 40 years.

Find out more about how the Energiesprong model works, or dive deeper with this Green Alliance report.

What we do

We're using the social housing sector as the launching market for the model, with a view to later scale to the private homeowner market. 

The independent Energiesprong UK market development team aggregates mass demand for high quality retrofits (and new build houses) and drives the right financing and regulatory conditions in parallel. With these in place, solution providers can go into a quick and transformative innovation process to deliver against this new standard.

Find out more about our pilot projects, as well as our 5 policy asks for the UK government to unlock a functioning, self-financing retrofit market.

Our awards

Energiesprong is on an award-winning streak. In 2018, Energiesprong won the World Green Building Council award for innovation and Nottingham’s Energiesprong homes won a UK Housing Award and Shift Award.

In 2019 Energiesprong´s E=0 and Transition Zero projects won an EU Sustainable Energy Award in Brussels, the Nottingham pilot won Project of the Year at the Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Awards (East Midlands), while Energiesprong UK won the prestigious Ashden Award in the UK Sustainable Buildings category. Solution provider Melius Homes also won a Construction News Award for the Energiesprong retrofits in Nottingham.

Media coverage and research

Support from industry leaders... Reports from the Institute of Engineering and Technology and the Green Alliance point to Energiesprong as the way forward.

In the press... Energiesprong UK recently featured on BBC Radio 4's 39 ways to save the planet with Tom Heap. The Nottingham pilot scheme was also one of just 17 projects showcased at COP26's virtual built environment pavilion.

Energiesprong pilot projects have also attracted interest from national media including The Guardian, The Economist, BBC and Reuters.

For more please visit the Energiesprong International website.

Transition Zero / H2020

Under the name Transition Zero, Energiesprong UK executed a European Union Horizon 2020-funded project to set the right market conditions. ‍

The Transition Zero project focused on:‍

•   Developing the business model in the UK

•   Studying and improving regulation

•   Developing the performance guarantee model

•   Optimising financing solutions

•   Studying public procurement options

•   Assisting housing associations and solution providers in innovating and developing offers

•   Creating a volume deal.

E=0 / Interreg

The North West European Interreg E=0 project supported the development of an initial set of demonstrators in the UK. This support consists of co-funding the first Energiesprong makeovers, expanding the movement in general and supporting the development of better solutions. E=0 focuses on developing and implementing retrofits for 20 demonstrators and analysing the performance of these.


Mustbe0 builds further on the knowledge and experience gained by Interreg NWE E=0 project that was mainly focussed on single family homes. In the Mustbe0 Interreg North West European project, 9 housing providers in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands have already committed to collaborating on the retrofit of at least 9 demonstrator buildings (415 apartments). This will launch the market.

The European Interreg NWE “Mustbe0” project has a total budget of 34 million euros and is supported by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for 11 million euros.

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