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December 20, 2022

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We're looking for a Zero carbon buildings Digital Solutions Developer

We’re looking for someone to join our team (~10 people) to develop digital approaches to help reach our goal: cost effective zero carbon retrofit and new build homes.

This is an exciting new role for an innovation focused person. You will help us develop our digital strategy and deliver solutions with your own skills, working closely with our technical team, partners and subcontractors.

We are keen to hear from people who have all or some of what we are looking for.  Please also see our ‘Zero carbon buildings: Technical Analyst’ role: we are interested to hear from people who have skills and experience that cross both roles.  

> Key tasks (to be addressed serially, not simultaneously)

  • Develop a digital strategy for a “building performance watchdog” that will host key data on every Energiesprong house, analyse energy monitoring data to assess performance and distinguish between system underperformance or user behaviour issues
  • Design and build a project/property database for ESUK to track project performance and information in order to better develop the market (e.g. using SharePoint/Airtable)
  • Support and guide the development of a suite of tools including our housing stock mapping software, EnergieMap, which we have developed to beta stage with an external developer
  • Work with monitoring software developers to help them standardise their solutions for the Energiesprong market
  • Support work with energy supplier partners on digital elements of innovative electricity tariffs and ‘comfort as a service’ solutions

> Key skills

Highly desirable

  • Digital and data strategy development and delivery
  • Experience with configuration of off-the-shelf digital tools for asset/project management, e.g. SharePoint/Airtable
  • Understanding of business models for digital tools and services
  • Management of software development projects (we expect to largely use and adapt off-the-shelf tools, but may need to develop new software where necessary)


  • Experience with data mapping tools
  • Understanding of SQL
  • Knowledge of sustainable energy systems and buildings (existing and new build)
  • Web development

> Person profile

  • Positive, creative approach
  • Self-starter, able to work independently
  • You will be the most experienced and knowledgeable person in the team on digital solutions, and will work effectively with less technical team members and partners to understand needs, solve problems and develop innovative solutions.
  • Able to solve problems in new ways, that perhaps no one else has tried before.
  • Know when to bring in the experience and knowledge of others, collaborating with colleagues and partners to overcome the challenges.

> Terms

Attractive. Flexible. 2 to 4 days/week. Contracted or employed. £350- £400/day, initial 12 months. Home/own office based, UK and EU travel required

> How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter to by 12:00 on 20 Feb 2023.

> Context  

Energiesprong is a revolutionary approach to getting existing and new homes to zero carbon, affordably. Smart digital approaches are key to creating cost effective ‘end to end’ zero carbon solutions: finding and  analysing properties, standardising design and business cases for different archetypes; 3D scanning for manufacturing; monitoring and performance verification; maintenance; resident interface and payments; etc.

Energiesprong is an approach to delivering net zero energy retrofit of homes at scale, financed by savings and with performance guaranteed.

Dutch for ‘Energy Leap’, it was developed by the Dutch Government with their housing and construction industries between 2010 and 2017. The Netherlands has the same carbon reduction targets as those set by the UK Climate Change Act, requiring a zero-emission building stock by 2050.  They realised that a radically different approach to the measure by measure, grant funded norm was needed. Delivery rates had to go up, and costs had to come down to enable financing without public subsidy.

The key principles of the Energiesprong approach are:

  • net zero in one go: whole house, super-efficient thermal wrap with renewable energy generation, storage and heating;
  • guaranteed actual performance: annual net zero energy, comfort every day and affordable bills;
  • offsite manufacturing: industrialisation for quality, cost reduction and minimal onsite disruption;
  • retrofit cost financed by guaranteed long term energy and maintenance savings;
  • affordable, grid friendly electrification: 90% carbon reduction now, zero carbon as the grid decarbonises.

Energiesprong UK is an independent, 100% publicly funded not-for-profit organisation.  Our mission is to adapt the Dutch approach for the UK and develop a volume market that can deliver net-zero energy retrofit and new build, at scale without public subsidy. We support landlords, supply chain, Governments and opinion formers and work closely with our sister Energiesprong teams in NL, FR, DE & IT.

Demonstration retrofit projects with 5 landlords have been completed and we are now scaling up delivery working with our partners the Mayor of London and Turner & Townsend on the Retrofit Accelerator for Homes Innovation Partnership designed to standardise approaches, aggregate design and drive supply chain innovation and cost reduction as volume grows.

Our strategy is: to stimulate demand, support the supply chain, develop funding and finance for market growth, and influence supporting and enabling policy and regulation.  Social housing is the launching market, to build volume and proven self-financing net zero products that can then be marketed to private tenures in future.

Our current projects and funders include:  Retrofit Accelerator Homes (Mayor of London & ERDF), MUSTBE0 (EU NWE Interreg), LB Sutton Whole House Retrofit (BEIS), National Net Zero Retrofit Accelerator (BEIS), Zero Energy Buildings Catalyst (Devon County Council & ERDF), Plymouth Energy Community Homes (various), Heat Pump Ready Wave 2 (BEIS).  

Watch a short video explaining the Energiesprong approach.