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February 18, 2020

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Energiesprong UK

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Winners of the Energiesprong UK Design Competition announced

The Design Competition, successfully launched at the Accelerator Day last November by Energiesprong UK, has announced the winners! 6 consortia have been selected to participate in the programme. The aim of the Design Competition is to develop new approaches for high-performance, scalable and cost-effective net zero retrofit solutions focused on apartment blocks. The concept designs of the winning teams will be presented at Futurebuild in London, which takes place from 3 to 5 March 2020. 

The winning consortia were chosen by an international jury of experts. The consortia all consist of pioneering companies from a range of sectors and from across the UK.

The Accelerator Day in November brought together experienced, innovative and creative suppliers in the retrofit and construction industry. At this successful event, companies were able to pitch to each other to form collaborations and team up. The Accelerator Day was supported and part-funded by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, the European Interreg NWE funding programme and the London Mayor’s RAP (Retrofit Accelerator Programme).

The solutions to be developed by the teams as part of the competition must be scalable, able to be standardised, offer cost-cutting potential with increasing quantities, tenant and leaseholder-friendly, and must guarantee a long-term net zero standard. Net zero means the home generates sufficient zero carbon energy for the tenant to heat and power their home.

The Design Competition is supported by four Housing Providers, who have submitted example properties for the teams to use as their challenges. The Housing Providers involved include the London boroughs of Croydon, Kensington and Chelsea, Exeter CityCouncil and Nottingham City Homes/Council.

The DesignCompetition has 3 categories, each with 2 winners:

1.           Build Up – adding a layer on top of existing flats, while ensuring whole

             building net zero energy

·      DEEP-ER with 15-40, KIN, E.ON and Bow Tie Construction with the support
       of Etude and Solid Geometry

·      United Living with ECD Architects, Wilde, Greengauge, Langley, Beattie
       Passive, IFC Group, Keegans, Carnego Systems, SOAP Retrofit and Build Test

2.          Net zero energy concept designs for low rise apartments/flats (

·      Constructive Thinking with Core Controls, Mauer, Ventive Darwen and Q-Bot

·      BowTieSprong with Bow Tie Construction, Gardner Stewart Architects, Mauer          UK and Nilan UK


3.          Billing, metering and monitoring solutions

·      Ventive with Meilus Homes and Clear Blue Energy

·      Carnego with SOAP Retrofit and Build Test Solutions

The winning consortia are mentored by Energiesprong’s experts and are working together to develop their solutions. They will be presenting their concept designs at Futurebuild in London between the 3 and 5 March 2020. Energiesprong and her partner National EnergyFoundation (NEF) would love you to join here! Housing Providers who are interested in attending a drinks reception where the designs will be presented should contact

The Design Competition is supported by the European Mustbe0 project, funded by the Interreg NWE Programme through the European Regional DevelopmentFund.