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March 9, 2022

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We're hiring a Finance Director!


  • Title: Board Member / Finance Director
  • Reports to: Board
  • Location: Flexible (option for home-based working)
  • Role may require occasional international travel (mainly NL, FR, UK, DE)
  • Remuneration: Competitive: up to 0.3 FTE (1.5 day per week).

Energiesprong UK seeks a Finance Director to support us with taking on the lead partner role in our 35m European funded project, MUSTBE0. The core element of this role will include:

  • Carry out a review of ESUK structure and advise the board on options.
  • Take ESUK through any changes to structure which are agreed by the board.
  • Develop an accounting and financial reporting system suitable for several complex projects running concurrently, each of which has different requirements and funding structures.
  • Develop an approach to cashflow modelling and advise ESUK how to manage cashflow.

It is expected that these activities will require around 20 days between March and May. For the right person, a longer-term opportunity exists for some additional outward facing financial activities under the MUSTBE0 project, BEIS funded projects under the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, and the Retrofit Accelerator for Homes, and / or as a voluntary board member role.

Additional potential ‘outwards facing’ activities which may be commissioned depending on skills:

  • As part of the ESUK team, develop an approach to financing of deep retrofit, based on the Energiesprong model which requires borrowing against a 30-year business plan, recognising the existing landscape for housing providers (Local Authority, ALMO or RP) and also understanding potential future opportunities.
  • Using financial knowledge, develop guidance for Finance Directors and Finance Managers in language which enables them to understand the Energiesprong concept and business model.
  • Support the housing providers currently working with ESUK as part of the Retrofit Accelerator, to structure a collective financing opportunity.

Required skills

  • Significant relevant experience of working within a finance environment in public sector or private business
  • Knowledge of company law and governance
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • An ability to set up simple financial reporting structures
  • Familiarity with grant funded project structures.

How to apply

Please submit your application with a cover letter and CV to

You are requested to elaborate on your relevant experience and your personal ambition as well as style of working. The project proposal for MUSTBE0 can be made available on request.

More details

The amount of time for these tasks amounts up to 0.3 FTE until project end (November 2023) but is not a guarantee for work and will depend on project needs.


Quotes are requested on a daily rate basis. Details of the expected amount of work will be established further into the procedure of appointing.  

Starting date: as soon as possible.

About Energiesprong

Energiesprong is an approach to delivering net zero energy retrofit of homes at scale, financed by savings and with performance guaranteed.

Dutch for ‘Energy Leap’, it was developed by the Dutch Government with their housing and construction industries between 2010 and 2017.  The Netherlands has the same carbon reduction targets as those set by the UK Climate Change Act, requiring a zero-emission building stock by 2050.  They realised that a radically different approach to the measure by measure, grant funded norm was needed. Delivery rates had to go up, and costs had to come down to enable financing without public subsidy.

The key principles of the Energiesprong approach are:

  • net zero in one go: whole house, super-efficient thermal wrap with renewable energy generation, storage and heating;
  • guaranteed actual performance: annual net zero energy, comfort every day and affordable bills;
  • offsite manufacturing: industrialisation for quality, cost reduction and minimal onsite disruption;
  • retrofit cost financed by guaranteed long term energy and maintenance savings;
  • affordable, grid friendly electrification: 90% carbon reduction now, zero carbon as the grid decarbonizes.


Energiesprong UK is an independent, 100% publicly funded not for profit organisation.  Our mission is to adapt the Dutch approach for the UK and develop a volume market that can deliver net zero energy retrofit and new build, at scale without public subsidy. We support landlords, supply chain, Governments and opinion formers and work closely with our sister Energiesprong teams in NL, FR, DE & IT.