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February 21, 2024

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Catrin Bates

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Vacancy - Programme Director


Energiesprong UK (ESUK) is a market development organisation, focussed on scaling up energy retrofit of buildings through a variety of innovation projects.  We seek a Programme Director to oversee the successful delivery of a range of projects and to support the organisation with the development of consultancy offers based on the core skills of the team.    

The organisation currently has four live projects.  These range in size and complexity, they include different partners, different funders and a range of activities.   The role will be the senior lead for a range of clients including Innovate UK, DESNZ, individual social landlords, academic institutions, and supply chain companies.

As the Programme Director, you will work collaboratively with the ESUK Board; the ESUK team; the project partners and external stakeholders to support the business to both ensure high quality delivery of existing projects and to develop new opportunities in line with our strategy.

The core element of this role will include (but is not limited to):

  1. Lead on delivery  
  • Monitoring progress across projects and ensuring we maintain our quality of delivery
  • Identify and agree the most impactful opportunities to improve delivery with the project team
  • Review and improve the KPI’s and project level reporting for the board
  • Share insights and learnings with project stakeholders and seek feedback both formally and informally on the ongoing delivery of our projects.

  1. Senior Stakeholder Engagement
  • Be the senior point of contact for a range key clients and contracts
  • Build effective and collaborative working relationships with our existing clients
  • Promote our work via industry networks and at key events
  • Work alongside the ESUK team to develop new relationships to help further our aims of ensuring more people live in warmer more comfortable homes.

  1. Develop our consultancy offering
  • Work with the ESUK board and team to identify opportunities to diversify our client base and funding  
  • Build out a range of propositions that make use of the team’s current skills and expertise
  • Work with the team to market test these initial propositions  
  • Review and recommend new proposals to the Executive Directors
  • Make recommendations to the board on how best to develop this work over the next 3 years – including making any revisions to our current business plan.

  1. Financial reporting and risk management
  • Monitor progress against budgets, with accountability for reporting on the overall financial performance of our projects (total budget c. £1.5m p.a)
  • Develop our resource planning and reporting
  • Make recommendations to the board on budgets and resourcing
  • Ensure all projects have up to date risk reporting and are actively managing and reporting on any changes to key risks.  Make recommendations to the board on risk management.


Energiesprong UK is a not-for-profit SME.  We work as a market development team, working with social housing organisations, suppliers, and policy makers, to drive ambitious net zero energy solutions for housing.  Our goal is a market which works without intervention, where policy, demand and supply align perfectly allowing the UK to meet its 2050 carbon reduction targets in a cost effective and financeable way.  


Our retrofit principles to ensure homes are fit for 2050, are:

• Compatible with a future energy system, grid friendly, electric, no fossil fuels

• Desirable, comfortable, warm and affordable homes for residents

• Data driven with verified performance.

• Scalable programmes that drive innovation, investment, technological advances and inclusivity.


We are project funded, typically by grant or contracts.   Our small team of talented individuals works remotely and independently, united by our ambition to drive progress towards net zero energy goals.

We are values driven.  Our values are:

  • Ambitious and tenacious
  • Creative
  • Optimistic / positive  
  • Equitable
  • Pragmatic

ESUK believe in progressive and inclusive working practices and make the conscious business decision to base our full-time working week on a 32-hour, Monday to Friday timeframe.  We believe this offers our team a flexible and productive arrangement, where we can all contribute our best. The role is currently proposed to be 3 days/week as consultancy, but by agreement on both sides could become an employed role.  

Person Specification  

Energiesprong UK takes a market transformation approach to make performance-assured retrofits commercially financeable and scalable. To achieve this, a number of market conditions will need to be changed so that housing providers can invest and industry is incentivised to innovate. This is the main role and purpose of the Energiesprong Market Development Team. Energiesprong is focusing on “to create what is needed” instead of focusing on “to do what is possible”.

This will require that the UK market development team (MDT) members collectively and individually take a leadership role. This is only possible if the team has vision and can act boldly using also unconventional approaches to break through the status quo.  

Expert knowledge is relevant, but a clear sense of direction is more important. The role therefore requires a ‘can-do’ attitude; lateral thinking; creativity in finding new approaches for what may seem impossible challenges; the ability to move quickly and execute decisions is key; as is drive for the objectives of Energiesprong.  

Strong analytical skills to identify and resolve issues are as important as strong interpersonal skills to develop robust relationships within the UK-MDT and with partnering organisations.  

  • Excellent communication, problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Proven programme and project planning, risk management, time management and other management skills
  • A background in business, management, budgeting and analysis
  • Solid organisational, multitasking, attention to detail and accuracy skills  
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office & project management software  
  • Experience of working within a relevant industry such as construction, manufacturing or energy is desirable.

Applicants meeting most of the criteria will be considered if they have the right experience and approach.

How to apply

Please submit your application with a cover letter and CV to by 6th March 2024

You are requested to elaborate on your relevant experience and your personal ambition as well as style of working.