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August 4, 2022

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Multi-storey offsite design competition as part of our MustBe0 project

We’re inviting panel manufacturers and suppliers to enter our multi-storey offsite design competition as part of the MustBe0 project – providing £40K in funding for offsite multi-storey fabric systems that are nearing market readiness or need some minor adaptation.

What is MustBe0?

The MUlti-STorey Building Energy Zero (MUSTBE0) project, co-funded by Interreg North West Europe, commenced in 2019 and is led by Energiesprong UK Ltd (ESUK).  The project seeks to develop better deep refurbishment solutions for domestic multi-storey buildings across four countries (UK, FR, NL and DE).

Building on Sutton’s existing Energiesprong pilots, funding for an additional project of value c£2m was secured for London Borough of Sutton (LBS) and will be delivered by Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP).

Aim of Sutton project

The aim of the project in Sutton is to retrofit for 40x low rise flats to a net-zero energy standard with private (leasehold) flats making up c20% of the total.  Each block’s fabric (walls, windows and doors) will be refurbished and net-zero energy systems installed for the social tenants.  A similar low-carbon energy system will be developed and offered to the private residents.

Multi-storey offsite design competition

KIN architects have been appointed to undertake RIBA Stage 0-2 services on behalf of Sutton Housing Partnership to develop proposals for retrofitting to the Energiesprong energy and performance standard. During this exercise several external wall insulation systems have been reviewed.  

To open up the opportunities for offsite multi-storey fabric systems, we are running a design competition to provide funding for systems that are nearing market readiness or need some minor adaptation.  The aim is to support additional design and engineering work to get them ready for deployment.  If barriers to delivery are overcome and key stakeholders assured then the Sutton pilot will provide the opportunity to install the solution onsite.

£40k is available in total.  This amount could be made available to one or two organisations or consortia.

More information

Please review the full details of the competition including how to enter. The competition is now open for applications and closes on 31st August 2022.  Please confirm your interest (upon which we will provide further information about the block) and submit your application to