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April 3, 2018

Blog by

Barieke Muijs

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Ilse Wolf Fotografie

36 organisations sign to refurbish 3,600 Energiesprong dwellings in France

Assembled for the 78th Congress of the Social Union for Housing, 36 organisations signed the Energiesprong commitment charter in France. Their pledge aims to drive the large-scale deployment of net zero energy retrofits in social housing. This collaboration aims to introduce net zero energy retrofits that are affordable, thus accelerating the implementation of the French Climate Plan (especially the component aimed at eradicating energy poverty in 10 years).

Making a deal

9 social housing providers, 20 solution providers and 7 facilitating organisations signed the commitment charter developed under the Transition Zero project. These 36 organisations will support each other in both generating the market conditions to enable net zero energy retrofits and realising an initial 3.600 net zero energy homes. Their commitments include:

  • 9 social landlords commit together to renovate 3.600 homes by 2022. These homes will be refurbished according to the Energiesprong performance specifications.
  • 20 suppliers commit to developing quality products and offers that meet the Energiesprong standards of net zero energy homes.
  • The 7 facilitating organisations, together with the Transition Zero partners,will take responsibility for creating the economic and regulatory frameworks to realise Energiesprong home makeovers.

Under the name Transition Zero, Energiesprong executes an EU Horizon 2020-funded project to set the right market conditions in the UK, France and Netherlands for the wide-scale introduction of Net Zero Energy homes in the social housing sector.