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March 27, 2023

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Catrin Bates

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Greater London Authority

We're hiring a Collaboration Hub Manager & Supply Chain Development

We're seeking someone to manage the Collaboration Hub and enable Solution Providers and clients to collaborate for mutual benefit, with others including policy makers, financiers etc.  The role includes organising events and study tours., assessing supply chain gaps by working with partners, and seeking and developing supply chain solutions.

March 2023

Energiesprong UK works as a market development team to drive scale-up of innovative zero carbon retrofit solutions. People in our team support housing organisations and suppliers (‘Solution Providers’) to embrace a new vision, procure projects in a different way and bring projects from inception to completion.  We are working on projects including the Interreg North-West Europe MUSTBE0 project, and the Mayor of London’s Retrofit Accelerator for Homes.  

Energiesprong UK and partners have launched an Innovation Partnership procurement which aims to develop and prove innovative whole house retrofit solutions and to reduce costs to an economically viable price point in stages with increasing volume.  Four Solution Providers and nine landlords are working through four stages of the Innovation Partnership, with them currently delivering Stage Two which is prototyping solutions for family housing.  Stage Three starts in Spring 2023 and includes the MUSTBE0 demonstration of an apartment building for London Borough of Sutton.

The Innovation Partnership is supported by a Collaboration Hub: a forum where solution providers, landlord clients, Energiesprong UK and partners share issues and develop solutions for mutual benefit.  

This role includes the ongoing facilitation of the Hub, arranging of site visits and study tours and inspiring workshops.  The role also includes supporting and developing a network of Solution Providers, helping them to assess gaps in their supply chains, understanding commonality and developing shared approaches to source solutions or suppliers where relevant.  

The role will include supporting a site visit programme for the Interreg North-West Europe UK demonstration projects.

We need someone who is able to understand Energiesprong’s possibilities and challenges and the needs of landlords and Solution Providers.  The key is to facilitate collaborative development of solutions between organisations more used to competing with each other. The Collaboration Hub Manager will be supported by technical experts in the Energiesprong team.

Proven facilitation and problem-solving skills in a commercial innovation environment are essential.  

> Your Responsibilities

  • Convene, facilitate and stimulate dialogue between Supply Chain and Clients
  • Develop a shared recognition of mutual benefit to be gained from collaboration and sharing
  • Identify shared priorities for collaboration
  • Bring partners and specialists into the Hub as required, e.g policy makers, financiers etc.  
  • Develop multiple communication channels including digital and face to face
  • Drive achievement of solutions and outcomes
  • Develop a programme of inspiring and engaging events, site visits and study tours.
  • Identify gaps in supply chain capability and capacity and develop or source solutions
  • Develop shareable lessons learned deliverables, reflecting on supply chain solutions.

> Profile and skills

  • Positive, creative approach
  • Self-starter, able to work independently
  • Eye for detail, but keeps a broad view of both people’s interests as well as the overall objectives to be achieved  
  • Track record in facilitating dialogue and collaboration between commercial organisations in an innovation environment
  • Ability to work with a range of individuals and stakeholders and rapidly understand perspectives, drivers, critical factors etc.
  • Ability to apply fresh thinking and novel approaches  

> Terms

Location: Home or own office based.  UK (including London) and occasional EU travel required

Terms: £400 - 460/day dependent on experience.  3 days per week average until October 2023.

How to apply: Please email your CV and covering letter to

> Context

Energiesprong is an approach to delivering net zero energy retrofit of homes at scale, financed by savings and with performance guaranteed.  

Dutch for ‘Energy Leap’, it was developed by the Dutch Government with their housing and construction industries between 2010 and 2017.  The Netherlands has the same carbon reduction targets as those set by the UK Climate Change Act, requiring a zero-emission building stock by 2050.  They realised that a radically different approach to the measure by measure, grant funded norm was needed. Delivery rates had to go up, and costs had to come down to enable financing without public subsidy.

The key principles of the Energiesprong approach are:

  • net zero in one go: whole house, super-efficient thermal wrap with renewable energy generation, storage and heating;
  • guaranteed actual performance: annual net zero energy, comfort every day and affordable bills;
  • offsite manufacturing: industrialisation for quality, cost reduction and minimal onsite disruption;
  • retrofit cost financed by guaranteed long term energy and maintenance savings;  
  • affordable, grid friendly electrification: 90% carbon reduction now, zero carbon as the grid decarbonizes.

Energiesprong UK is an independent, 100% publicly funded not for profit organisation.  Our mission is to adapt the Dutch approach for the UK and develop a volume market that can deliver net zero energy retrofit and new build, at scale without public subsidy. We support landlords, supply chain, Governments and opinion formers and work closely with our sister Energiesprong teams in NL, FR, DE & IT.  

Demonstration retrofit projects with 5 landlords have been completed and we are now scaling up delivery.  With our partners the Mayor of London and Turner & Townsend we have launched a new UK procurement mechanism designed to standardise approaches, aggregate design and drive supply chain innovation and cost reduction as volume grows.  

Our MUSTBE0 Interreg North West Europe project is enabling us to develop solutions on low rise apartments, with three demonstrators starting on site this year following significant design and solution development.

Our strategy is: to stimulate demand, support the supply chain, develop funding and finance for market growth, and influence supporting and enabling policy and regulation.  Social housing is the launching market, to build volume and proven self-financing net zero products that can then be marketed to private tenures in future.  

Funding for this role comes from the Retrofit Accelerator Homes (Mayor of London & ERDF) and MUSTBE0 (EU NWE Interreg).