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November 6, 2019

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Accelerator Day

Energiesprong UK is taking off! And now, we need help in scaling up.


That is why, on November the 13th, we’ve launched a Design Competition in London (Institute of Engineering and Technology). The Design Competition aims at bringing forward new approaches and solutions to meet demand from social landlords who are about to start their pilot projects. The Accelerator Day on November the 13th is where innovators meet to work together on net zero energy solutions for retrofit (and new build). The event will bring together experienced, innovative and creative suppliers in the retrofit and construction industry.


Energiesprong uses the social housing sector in the UK as the launching market for these approaches and solutions, with a view to later scale to the private homeowner market. We are working with a number of housing associations and local authorities that are looking to launch tenders. The competitions have been shaped around these tenders and demand in the market.


The competition categories are:

1.          Build Up – adding a layer on top of existing flats; while ensuring whole              building Net Zero Energy

2.          Net Zero Energy concept designs for low rise apartments/flats (<4 stories)

3.          Billing, metering and monitoring solutions


Energiesprong is hoping to team up the best designers, contractors, product and system suppliers to form partnerships which will bid for the competition and future tenders.

For questions and inquiries please contact us via this e-mail address:


This event will be supported by MUSTBE0 Interreg NWE and Home Energy Accelerator for London (HEA).