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Praveena Pochampalli

Research Analyst

Praveena is a Research Analyst at Energiesprong UK and a PhD student working on whole-house industrialised retrofit strategies and protocol standardisation to assess retrofit benefits. Her work aims to create a framework of solutions that work for a range of UK archetypes, as well as resources that make it simple to deliver these solutions by bridging the research-practice divide.


Praveena has over ten years’ experience in architecture and a strong passion for sustainability, which led her to pursue a master's degree in Architecture and Sustainable Design where she realised her potential in researching extensively for sustainable approaches to design challenges and has worked on studio projects to develop design strategies for low energy buildings.


Prior to joining Energiesprong, Praveena collaborated with the University of Nottingham on a research project to retrofit Nottingham's existing housing stock towards carbon neutrality, which was funded by the UK Government as part of the UK Community Renewal Fund. Her primary focus was on building performance analysis using dynamic thermal simulation modelling.