Who we are

Sally Hancox

Sally Hancox is leading the team to develop the Energiesprong model in the UK.


Arno Schmickler

Arno Schmickler is responsible for brokering an Energiesprong volume deal in the UK. He leads on business planning and governance for Energiesprong UK. Arno closely collaborates with the international Energiesprong movement to share learning across markets and to drive innovation through collaboration.


Gareth Wordingham

Gareth Wordingham is supporting the procurement activity for the demonstration projects and beyond. He has 16 years of experience in the energy industry.


Ian Hutchcroft

Ian Hutchcroft is building the pipeline of the Energiesprong demonstrator projects, leading the Devon ZEBCat and Coast to Capital projects and helping to develop others.


Jon Warren

Jon Warren leads on developing the industry response at Energiesprong UK.  Jon has co-ordinated the development of the performance specification between housing and construction partners and works across the supply chain to develop high-performing retrofit solutions.


Nicholas Doyle

Nicholas Doyle is a member of the Market Development Team of Energiesprong UK and is working with housing providers, industry and other stakeholders across the country to help create a new and sustainable market for net-zero energy retrofit.



Ron van Erck

Ron van Erck is programme manager Europe for the Dutch Energiesprong team and, in that capacity, supports the development of Energiesprong UK including bringing the knowledge and experience from the Dutch market.


Rosemary Coyne

Rosemary Coyne is working with housing providers and their partners and key stakeholders as part of the Energiesprong UK programme.


Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott is working with the existing housing partners to deliver the Energiesprong demonstrator projects. He has worked in social housing for seven years in various business development roles.


Alexandra Steeland

Alex Steeland provides support with project management of the H2020 Transition Zero and Interreg NWE E=0 EU Funded programmes that are helping to fund the work of Energiesprong in the UK and further afield.


Sandra Hayes

Sandra Hayes project manages the H2020 Transition Zero and Interreg NWE E=0 EU Funded programmes that are helping to fund the work of Energiesprong in the UK and further afield.  She also provides secretariat services to the Energiesprong UK Board.



Richard is head of marketing communications for Energiesprong UK.  Richard has 35 years’ experience in marketing management, has led the GLA’s RE:NEW marketing communications team since 2014 and until recently was non-executive chairman of the UK’s leading solar PV manufacturer. Richard is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.