What we do

Energiesprong is a revolutionary, fully-integrated zero carbon technology and funding approach.
Our mission is to enable a desirable and viable net-zero energy refurbishment market at scale by 2020.

Our objective is to drive product and process innovation for attractive, affordable, financeable net-zero energy refurbishments in the UK. This will be achieved through outcome-based procurement (including energy performance contracting) using frontrunner social housing organisations as a first market.

Energiesprong delivers a non-intrusive retrofit that can usually be completed within one week and without the residents having to move out. The finished result is a warm and affordable home that is modern and attractive with a long-term quality guarantee. The high quality design makes an Energiesprong property a lifestyle choice, which helps to regenerate and improve the local neighbourhood.

The result we aim for is:


A net-zero energy house with a long (30-year) performance warranty


Refurbishment within one week


Financeable from the savings in energy costs

look & feel

Make the neighbours jealous

To achieve this, Energiesprong UK will establish an independent market development team, which will drive change across the sectors and their supply chains. This team will work to: alleviate regulatory and planning barriers; create the necessary financing conditions; generate demand for (not yet existing) net-zero refurbishments; and mobilise the construction sector to move towards a completely new system of working.

Energiesprong UK aims to transform the refurbishment market through industry-led innovation by:

  • Aggregating demand through large housing providers to provide confidence in the ability to deal with high volumes, while satisfying that demand in order to demonstrate the opportunity for industry to innovate.
  • Coordinating those involved in the supply chain to jointly develop and improve the necessary market conditions (including regulation, planning and financing) for net-zero energy refurbishments to be delivered in a commercially viable way and at scale in the UK market.
  • Mobilising the collective knowledge of the construction sector (through a programme approach) thereby stimulating innovation on performance-based requirements.
  • Delivering on demonstrator projects that will lead to volume deals and an increased demand for attractive, fast, affordable (and financeable), asset-enhancing refurbishment solutions that are net-zero energy performance guaranteed.

White paper on the international scaling of Energiesprong

Based on the successful Dutch programme, a consortium was formed to scale up the existing net-zero refurbishment technology in the UK and France, and to develop an Energiesprong business case for housing associations.