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Energiesprong UK BBC News December 17

Energiesprong UK BBC News December 17 from Energiesprong UK on Vimeo.

ecobuild website

November 2016. Dutch whole-house system looks for contractors for trials. An article about the launch of the procurement process for a contractor for 10 demonstrator Energiesprong homes in Nottingham.


June 2016. Following our press release announcing the €5.4m (£4.23m) EU Interreg grant funding, various publications covered the story. These included: 2degreesnetwork, businessGreenRIBA, buildpositive and Planning and Building Control Today.


May 2016. A green leap forward? Is UK’s embattled energy efficiency sector ready for Energiesprong? A BusinessGreen article following an interview with Arno Schmickler, in which it’s suggested that Energiesprong might be the “great green leap forward the UK’s housing sector has been waiting for”.

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May 2016. An article in the run-up to the Retrofit4Change conference on 5 July, at which both Arno Smickler and Kerry Mashford will be presenting on Energiesprong.

March 2016. Energiesprong: Sprong is here. A runaway success in the Netherlands, a boon for contractors and for occupiers, simple, ready-to-use and straight out of the box: could Energiesprong be the UK housing retrofit market’s new start?

Planning and Building Control Today

February 2016. Following our press release announcing the EU Horizon 2020 grant funding, various publications covered the story. These included: Planning and Building Control Today, 2degreesnetwork, Sustainable Building Matters, Building Construction Design, passivehouse+, architects datafile, BUILD UP, Inside HousingHousing Excellence, Energy Manager and the aleo newsletter.

February 2016. “Dutch version of Green Deal set for UK launch in summer”.

Pan European Networks

November 2015. “H2020 backs zero-carbon retrofit housing project”.

Horizon 2020 Projects

November 2015. “H2020 backs zero-carbon retrofit housing project”.

Chartered Institute of Building

November 2015. “Energiesprong retrofit consortium wins £2.6m EU grant”.


November 2015. “Green homes plan finally gets funding for just 10% of proposed houses”.

Energy World

October 2015. Arno Schmickler, Programme Manager for Energiesprong UK, discusses if the Dutch approach to retrofit could be transferred to the UK: “When your target is net-zero energy, everything becomes simple”.

Local Authority Building & Maintenance

October 2015. “Energiesprong – making net-zero energy housing a reality”. A blog by Kerry Mashford of the National Energy Foundation, which appeared in the LABM magazine and also on the NEF website.

Energy in Demand

September 2015. Following our press release announcing the launch of Energiesprong UK, a number of articles appeared in the media. This article: “Some British social landlords learning lessons from the Netherlands on energy efficiency” on the Energy in Demand website is just one example.

Carbon Action News

Summer 2015. Pages 9-10. An article by Dr Saad Hasan, an intern at the National Energy Foundation: “Could an Energiesprong Approach to Off-Site Manufacturing Transform the Domestic Retrofit Market?”

Annales des Mines

April 2015. An article in Annales des Mines: ‘A house makeover paid for by your energy bill’ by Jasper van den Munckhof and Ron van Erck.

Rocky Mountain Institute Outlet

April 2015. An article on the American Rocky Mountain Institute website: “Taking Dutch Housing From Energy Hog to Net Zero in Less Than Ten Days”.

Housing Europe

February 2015. A report following a Power House nearly zero energy challenge study visit to the Netherlands: “Energiesprong, a solution to eradicate fuel poverty”.

Chartered Institute of Building

November 2014. A case study on the Chartered Institute of Building website: ‘Energy Leap’ to zero carbon with 8D BIM”.

UK Green Building Council

October 2014. An article by Steve Cole of the National Housing Federation on the UK Green Building Council website: “Keep calm and learn Dutch: Energiesprong the future of sustainable homes?”


October 2014. “Dutch consortia Energiesprong could give zero carbon retrofits to social homes across England, using innovative wrap-around insulated panels, if EU funding is approved”.

Energy Post

September 2014. “Zero energy at zero cost: industrialising the building sector”. Sonja van Renssen from Energy Post interviews Ron van Erck, Project Manager of Transition Zero, and Jasper van den Munckhof, Manager of Energiesprong.