Energiesprong UK is a partnership of leading housing providers, landlords, construction companies, trade bodies and expert/policy partners.

Energiesprong UK’s partners are frontrunners in the field of sustainability and innovation from the social housing sector as well as construction companies that share the vision of working together towards more comfortable, better looking, affordable and sustainable buildings. In addition, it has a range of supporting partners that are relevant stakeholders in the transformation Energiesprong UK is aiming to achieve.

Housing providers and landlords

Participating housing organisations and landlords of other buildings will jointly create sufficient market volume for suppliers to invest in the development and initial scale up of net-zero refurbishments. Based on an initial stock assessment, suitable properties will be identified for prototyping in order to create the volumes that are essential for housing providers, landlords and industry to make inroads into this new market.

Construction sector

The suppliers will invest in the development and delivery of net-zero refurbishments. Working towards ever better solutions with long-term performance warranties it is expected that products become commercially attractive through scale and supply chain integration.

Policy, expert and trade bodies

With their very specific expertise, this group of partners will develop solutions to ensure that the market conditions (e.g. finance, regulation, planning, energy market, etc.) are put in place so that net-zero refurbishments can be implemented. Starting with the business case validation (including an assessment of the transferability of the Dutch concept to the UK market) experimental solutions will be developed for the prototype projects, and they will be further improved as the volumes increase.